Geekbench 2 Updated to Support Multi-core Processors… Wait, What?

So, this is kind of interesting: we’ve been tipped that Geekbench 2 has received an update that enables “support for multi-core processors.”

It seems like a routine update, until you consider that no current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has a processor with any more than one core. Of course, it is unlikely that a single iOS developer has this kind of access to early prototypes of future iDevices.

But really, how much doubt was there that Apple would be releasing anything less than dual-core processors for future devices, given that that seems to be the new standard for high-end phones and tablets. That’s not even mentioning the massive leak that Engadget got their hands on back in January.

You can view the recent changes here for yourself, just in case you need more convincing than a single screenshot.

[Thanks to iPwn for the tip!]

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