More iPhone Nano, MobileMe Revamp Rumors Surface

Now that we have the Verizon iPhone out of the way, we need another rumor, right? No? We’ll, it looks like we’re getting one. Of course, everyone knows that good things come in two’s. Why not rumors? That seems to be what The Wall Street Journal is thinking, as they are reporting that they have insider info on a new, smaller iPhone, and MobileMe updates.

iPhone Nano ConceptAfter Bloomberg’s original report of a smaller iPhone brought the thought back into the rumor mill’s mind, the WSJ has come forward with more details of the proposed device.

…the new device is intended to be sold alongside the current line of iPhones and would be about half the size of the iPhone 4. The phone, one of its codenames is N97, would be available to mobile carriers at about half the price of Apple’s main line of iPhones, the person said.

The original post has been updated with further details of the device, which is supposed to go on sale alongside an iPhone 5:

The person who saw the prototype of the new iPhone said the device was significantly lighter than the iPhone 4 and had an edge-to-edge screen that could be manipulated by touch, as well as a virtual keyboard and voice-based navigation.

The post goes on to claim that the iPhone 4 will also be receiving an update a little later this year, though details of what that device would include were non-existent.

Perhaps on a note of similar interest, the WSJ reports that Apple will be updating its MobileMe service in the near future to be more competitive with the likes of Google and Microsoft:

Apple also is exploring a major overhaul of its MobileMe online storage service, the people familiar with the matter said. The service currently requires an annual subscription payment of $99 to $149. Apple is considering making Mobile Me a free service that would serve as a “locker” for personal memorabilia like photos and videos, eliminating the need for consumers’ devices to carry a lot of memory, the people familiar with the situation said.

In other words, Apple could be gearing up to announce and launch the fabled “” cloud service. It seems as if iTunes and MobileMe would be merging, in some ways, to provide access to your digital library wherever and whenever you want (provided you have an internet connection).

As these things often go, the timeframe for an announcement of such a service completely depends on how cooperative media companies are. There is also word that this service will be backwards-compatible, and will perhaps be a feature of iOS 5, which is due in June.

The new MobileMe file-storage and music service could be available as early as June, depending on the progress of licensing talks that are in their preliminary stages, the people familiar with the situation said. Apple had planned for the service to be available a year earlier. The new service would give users access to their iTunes libraries from, say an iPhone or iPad, instead of requiring that the devices be synced by cable with a computer and use space to store the actual files, the people said. The new service likely would be compatible with the iPhone 4, one of the people said.

[WSJ, photo via TiPb]

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