Verizon iPhone Can’t Hold a Conference Call with More than Three People, Suffers from Other Phone-related Bugs

9to5mac has uncovered a flaw in the CDMA iPhone (currently only available in the U.S. on Verizon Wireless) which may be a show-stopper for some business-oriented users, and what could be an annoyance in everyday usage for others.

Whether because of a CDMA drawback or the software of the Verizon iPhone, there is currently no way to hold a conference call with more than three people. It turns out that there is also a problem with switching calls, and hanging up on just one person during a conference call. As you can guess, the conference call limit is mostly a limitation that only business users of the device will feel, though the call switching could be an annoyance in day-to-day use of the device for anyone.

Doing some quick research doesn’t bring anything up regarding either the call switching issue or the conference call limitation, though I have to think that this is a software bug or problem and not an actual problem with the CDMA network technology itself.

It isn’t a show-stopper for most people by any means, though it may cause a small amount of people to think twice. Hopefully there will be some sort of official word from Apple or Verizon regarding this ‘bug’ soon.

You can see a video of the bug in action at the source link.


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