Verizon iPhone 4 Making Up Some Ground

In its launch week, the Verizon iPhone 4 has already claimed just shy of a 4% stake in the American iPhone 4 market. Its competitor, AT&T, still holds a modest 96.1% of the market share, but there is reason to believe that this number will continue to drop. After being unrivaled for the past three years, AT&T has been forced to compete with Verizon by introducing perks such as 1000 free calling minutes and reintroducing a conditional unlimited data plan for all existing customers.

These numbers come from a live study being conducted by Chitika Insights, who monitor and report on Internet trends. It is important to remember that a fair portion of Verizon Wireless’ gains in market share comes as the result of new, rather than existing, iPhone 4 customers. Nonetheless, it will still be interesting to watch just how low AT&T may plunge in this emerging rivalry.

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