Inside iOS: Opting out of Personalized iAds

Worried about your personal app habits being disclosed to advertisers that utilize iAds? We’ve got your fix right here!

The process is blissfully short and simple, though you must do it from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You must also do it on each device, so it may take a little time depending on how many devices you have.

Opting out of personalized iAds

  1. Visit on your iDevice.
  2. After you receive the following message, you’re done.
  3. You do have to repeat this process for every iDevice you own.

Keep in mind that you will still receive ads — they just won’t be personalized iAds. Also remember that AdMob (Google’s mobile advertising agency) will still give you personalized ads, so you aren’t totally out of the line of fire.

Opting in to personalized iAds

  1. Visit on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Locate the link that says, “To opt back in, click here.” You can view it in the picture below.
  3. Click the link, and you will be brought back in to personalized iAds.
  4. Remember to do this on all device, as the process is device specific and not account specific.

Like I mentioned above, you will continue to receive iAds. This is simply for reasons pertaining to privacy, and does not stop Apple from serving you ads. Also, Google will continue to collect information about you (the information is supposed to be totally randomized and anonymous, though) through apps that use AdMob instead of iAds.

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