Apple to Revamp Notification System?

According to a source for Cult of Mac, Apple is working to give iOS’s notification system a much needed overhaul. Currently, notifications pop-up on-screen, and either have to be dissmissed or delt with on-the-spot. Android’s notification system, on the other hand, stays out of the way in an unobtrusive manner.

Push notifications have been the source of many complaints, ever since they were introduced to iOS. While “simple”, the current system is a total mess, and needs to be completely redesigned. It’s unlikely that Apple will create a swipe-able bar like Android, but even just including the number of unread messages in the menubar could be a huge step forward.

Cult of Mac suggests that Apple may purchase App Remix, the company behind Boxcar. When questioned, the CEO responded with the usual “no comment“.

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