Star, the Robotic Tripod

Filming yourself while moving can be problematic, particularly when you leave the camera’s field of view. A group of engineers at Satarii have created an accessory that can track users’ movements via a small marker, which can be held in-hand or pocketed. The accessory itself is a motorized stand, which an iPhone (or other small camera), can be clipped into. When the final design is complete, the stand will be able to rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing users to move around without having to worry about going off-shot.

The team has been working out of their garage to make the project a reality, and is using a Kickstarter-like program to raise money to bring it to production. The device is expected to be released late-2011, and cost upwards of $200, so it’s not for the faint of heart. It could be extremely useful for professors trying to record lectures, or for FaceTiming while moving. Check out the video to see the device in action.

[Satarii via Reddit]

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