App Review: Schedule Me

Recently, a friend and I were discussing some of the missing functionalities on the iPhone which we once implemented on our now defunct PDA’s. Cydia tweaks and third-party apps are often developed to restore these functions, and are sometimes even later adapted by Apple and integrated into the iOS (multitasking and folders for example). One such task is performed by the app Schedule Me.

It is a fairly common occurrence. You want to schedule an important meeting or event with a friend or colleague. Once found in Contacts, however, the only choices are to text a message, call, send an email, share the contact or add to favorites. The “schedule appointment” or “add to calendar” function is missing. Schedule Me performs this task. Upon launch, the user may choose any contact, then add a meeting to the calendar, or a repeated event such as a birthday. The standard “add event” calendar opens and the information can be added. Contact information including telephone numbers and email addresses are included, so if you are running late for the meeting, or wish to confirm, the information is readily accessible. It is a single function app, and performs well. Here’s hoping this function is integrated into the native iOS.

The app is 99 cents in the App Store, and runs on iOS 4.0 or later. It has also been tested for iOS 4.2.1.

See screenshots, including using it in conjunction with Intelliscreen, after the break.


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