Apple Preparing for a September Launch of the iPad 3?

Forget iPad 2 rumors, we’re going straight for the iPad 3! Rumors are swirling about that seem to say that Apple is preparing an iPad 3 for a September launch, in addition for an iPad 2 launch sometime in the next two months or so.

Techcrunch’s MG Siegler has written up an outstanding overview of the situation. If the rumors prove to be true, then Apple will possibly hold a joint iPad/ iPod event in September from now on, positioning a new iPad for the Holiday season.

Siegler states, “Again, to be clear, my information on this isn’t a guess (though my thoughts as to the reasons why Apple would do this are). Apple’s plan, at least right now, is to release another version of the iPad in the fall. That may change, but that is currently the plan.”

Reasons for this plan vary, but one such theory is that Apple knows the stakes right now. They thoroughly believe that they are competing in the definitive years of the next generation of computing, and they want in as much as possible.

One other way that this plan could be beneficial? It throws a wrench in the current HP TouchPad’s release cycle, which (one could argue) is the competition that Apple is most worried about. Still, we do expect to see the iPad 2 very soon, along with iOS 5 after that and an iPhone 5 even further down the road.

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