WSJ: iPad 2 in Production, to be Faster, Slimmer, Lighter

The Wall Street Journal is citing sources “people familiar with the matter” who state that the next iPad will be faster, slimmer, lighter, boast at least one camera on the front, retain the same resolution as the first generation iPad, and that the 3G model will be available on both Verizon and AT&T in the U.S.

So, while none of these reports are exactly earth-shattering, it does provide some clues as to when the device will be announced (we’re hearing sometime in March, though that’s just what is floating around the rumor-sphere at this time).

An iPad that is both slimmer and lighter would basically cure two of the most used complaints about the device. If Apple could engineer it to approach the seven inch tablet weight, then they would also be basically obliterating that market. Being slimmer would also add to the device’s portability factor, something else that has come under fire as more seven inch tablets have been released.

Also of interest is the report that there will be more memory and a more powerful “graphics processor.” Perhaps the most annoying aspect of the current iPad is its lack of memory (it has 256 MB of RAM, compared to the iPhone 4′s 512 MB). There’s no word on how much RAM the device will sport, but 1 GB isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility.

Other interesting tidbits include the inclusion of a camera (shocking!),¬†availability¬†on Verizon Wireless in the United States, and that the resolution will remain at 1024×768. Hit the source link for the full scoop!

[The WSJ]

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