“Death Hug” is the Verizon iPhone’s Signal Attenuation Issue

Reports of the “Death Hug” have started rolling in, showing that Verizon’s iPhone does in fact suffer from some degree of signal attenuation, like the GSM model before it.

“Death Hug” is the term being applied to the situation here, though it is unclear whether or not this will be an issue in everyday, normal use. Like the GSM model, one can ‘force’ the signal to drop, which can result in dropped data and calls. More than anything, this demonstrates that the signal attenuation problem is more than just a network issue. Instead, it appears that the very design of the iPhone 4 is at fault, and will probably remain a problem until a redesign of the phone happens (likely with the iPhone 5, later this year).

Also like the GSM model, though, is the argument that this will never be an issue. Many argue that the problems is nearly non-existent, and was simply blown up by the tech media as a way to get more attention. As you can see in the iLounge video, the problem can affect one’s normal usage of the device. However, other blogs and websites had previously noted in their reviews of the phone that they were unable to produce such an anomaly on the Verizon iPhone. So, like the original iPhone 4, the issue seems hit or miss. Some have it, some have it and don’t care, and others don’t seem to be affected for some reason or another.

So, do you have the problem? Are you having flashbacks to the famed ‘Antennagate’ problem of old? Are you aching for a new case? Sound off in the comments!

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