Accessory Review: LaCie Coat for iPad

When you think of companies that design accessories for Apple products, it’s unlikely that LaCie comes to mind. LaCie is primarily known as a premier manufacturer of high quality digital storage. In other words, they sell hard drives, memory sticks, and network storage solutions. Nonetheless, they do offer a sleeve, called the Coat, for the iPad. A closer look at the pros and cons of this sleeve is across the jump.


Designed by Sam Hecht, the Coat has a double layer of neoprene foam. It is quite possibly the softest, plushest sleeve that I have yet to hold in my hands. The exterior has a bubbly, polka-dot design across it and is offered in the colors black, blue, orange, pink, and red. The color that I chose, red, is very appealing. On the lower-right side is a plastic nub for LaCie’s logo.

The interior is lined with tan suede and has a zipper pocket for storing smaller accessories such as headphones or a stylus. I managed to flip the case completely inside out to provide a better look at the interior. It’s very gentle to say the least. There is a small neoprene keychain attached to the zipper, which makes it easier to open and close the suede pocket.

Overall, the Coat is a very well aesthetically-designed sleeve.

Score: ★★★★½


Not only does LaCie’s Coat look good, but it’s also protective. The double layer of neoprene provides a cushion against impact damage, which greatly reduces the risks of damaging your iPad. I don’t think your iPad would be scratch free, but the extra padding is more than helpful.

There is an elastic-like band on the back of the sleeve that can be wrapped around the top flap to prevent the iPad from sliding out. This is a good design feature, especially when considering how smooth the suede lining is on the inside.

Score: ★★★★½

Value For Money

The Coat sells for $14.99† on LaCie’s website. Tack on an additional $8.00 for shipping (rates vary by country), via FedEx Ground, and it is still a fairly reasonable price to pay. It’s a bargain for a well-designed, padded sleeve that can also store your accessories. Another upside to purchasing this sleeve is that it can be used with a variety of devices. If you have a laptop or netbook that is 10.2″ or under, this sleeve will work equally as well.

Score: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

LaCie’s Coat sleeve for the iPad is well-designed, has padded protection, stores your accessories, and is offered at a reasonable price point. When the next generation iPad is released, LaCie should make the Coat waterproof. Then it would truly live up to its name! Just kidding. All in all, if you have been looking for an iPad sleeve, I highly recommend checking out the Coat!

Overall Score:

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