Sirius XM Subscribers Can Now Purchase Music Through Direct Links

Listeners of Sirius XM Radio have a new website to access their content, with some distinctive improvements. Choosing channels is much quicker and easier, with a graphic akin to an old FM dial where the user positions the mouse pointer along a horizontal bar of lines indicating the different stations. Pick a music category like rock or pop, and only those stations are highlighed. Users can now share and purchase their music more easily as well. Songs can be shared through Facebook and Twitter, and music can be downloaded from Amazon and iTunes (as long as iTunes is installed on the same computer). The iTunes purchaseĀ option already exists in the freeĀ Sirius XM iOS app. (Although the website radio app has changed significantly, PocketTunes, a satellite and Internet radio app that includes all of the Sirius content rather than just the selected stations of the official app, is still operational for now). Expect an official announcement from Sirius XM in the next few days.

Check after the jump for a screenshot.

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