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Compiling a list of every application you have installed on your device can be a tedious process, and the end result isn’t a very elegant way to show off your favorite apps. Your friends still have to search for each app individually on iTunes to discover more info, and with hundreds of different apps, that can be a huge pain. is a Mac and Windows program that scans your app library, and generates a link to a personalized website that displays relevant information about your installed applications, including price, description, and links to the apps on iTunes. allows you to share a list of all your iPhone- and iPad-Applications with your friends, your colleagues and your family. Nothing more, nothing less.

We were frustrated that there are gazillion of Apps to choose from, but no easy way of sharing and showing your collection to a friend – other than to hand him your iPhone. We wanted App-recommendations from friends, not from newspapers. That’s why we build

If you want to further customize the results, specific applications can be removed from the list with a checkbox, and the Mac version is able to generate a list from various device backups.

Check it out, and post a link to your list in the comments!

(Upon first use, make sure to switch to the US store in’s preferences.)

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