Updated: Greenpois0n for Windows Coming in a ‘Few Days Max’

So, you’re wanting to jailbreak but you aren’t using Mac OS X? Well, it looks like you still have a little wait.

So, as the tweet shows, Windows users seem to have a little wait ahead of them. Of course, compared to the wait we’ve already gone through this is basically nothing. What should be taken from this tweet is that they are hard at work at porting the program to Windows. You don’t want a rushed, buggy port: it would only cause pain, and more waiting (along with the potential for much more serious bugs).

There is no deadline or ETA on a Linux version, though I have to think that it would take a backseat in priority as compared to the Windows version. Still, I would expect a version of Greenpois0n with Linux compatibility to be out soon after the Windows version.


Update 1: P0sixninja has just tweeted that Greenpois0n for Windows will be released ‘tomorrow or the next day.’ There also seems to be some improvements to the server infrastructure to (hopefully) allow the launch to go smoothly. So, the second coming of Greenpois0n should be¬†extremely¬†soon!

Site issues should be better soon thanks to @iOPK. Windows version should be out tomorrow or the next day

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