Accessory Review (and Giveaway!): Innovelis CordFits and CordShrink

From Innovelis, the creators of BudFits, comes two new cord management tools, CordFits and CordShrink. I met the marketers of these products at CES. After the BudFits review, they were kind enough to provide samples of their other products for review and a major giveaway!

BudFits are built specifically with the stock Apple earphones in mind. They provide a sturdy over-the-ear cradle, which allows the user to really wedge the buds in place, particularly useful for activities such as running. CordFits enable the listener to adjust the cord length and offers a tangle-free option for wrapping the buds for storage. CordShrink is a clip-on attachment specifically for the iPod Nano, 6th generation. It comes in two profiles for cord management.

Read on for the reviews and giveaway details. 



CordFits are a pulley system cord manager. The user threads the headphone through the pulleys, replaces the caps, and gently pulls on each end of the emerging cord to adjust the length. The CordFit pulleys are made of hard plastic, with two sets of covering caps. One set is black and the other aqua.



Threading the stock Apple headphones through the clip system was easier than I expected. The grooves were deep enough to hold the cord in place as it was threaded. Once installed, the caps snapped on with a satisfying snap. The caps are flexible enough to be pulled back for installation and removal. It was a breeze. Once in place, the cord moved smoothly and adjustments were not an issue. The saved cord length was approximately 12 inches. Clipping the Nano on my collar and threading the buds behind my head was exceedingly comfortable. Considering my bluetooth headphones’ battery length is woefully inadequate, the combination of BudFits and CordFits is a great alternative. I used my buds with built-in remote. It hung just below the back of my ear, so I could pause and skip tracks by easily reaching up. There was no fumbling for the Nano touch screen or flailing controls. The CordFits bounced around a bit while running, but they are lightweight enough not to be a nuisance.


The wrapping option was a little problematic. I found it so difficult to try to wrap the cord around the two pieces adequately, I was reduced to watching the instructional video. The two caps have tiny teeth that would seem to snap together to form a cohesive piece, but they are more guides than actual connectors. After watching the tips, I was able to manage the wrap. The caps have notches for holding the cord end and buds in place. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.

CordFits Wrapped

Value and Overview

The CordFits retail for $9.99 on the Innovelis website with free shipping. I think it is a reasonable value. It is made of quality materials and does a good job of reducing cord length without adding bulk. I once ran a race with buds attached to an armband without any cord management. The cords became twisted and unwieldy. The CordFits solves the problem elegantly. The wrapping system is awkward but, with some practice, doable and effective.



The CordShrink management system is designed solely for use with the iPod Nano 6th generation. It is a cord wrap spool that clips onto the Nano itself. There are two CordShrinks included in the package, one standard (lower right) profile and the other slim (lower left). The plastic is stiff enough to be durable but also lightweight and flexible. I bent and twisted them but they did not crack or crease.


The CordShrinks slipped on the Nano’s clip and snapped into place easily, no instructional video necessary. The standard profile works best for severely shortening the cord or for storage. The slim profile contained the cord better than expected, stopping just shy of the in-line remote. Each corner of the spool of the CordFit has a built-in clip that secures the single strand or two lengths of individual earbud cord easily. I wound the cord tightly around the slim profile CordShrink and adjusted the length for a run. The concentrated weight of the Nano and wrapped cord made it bounce rather heavily, and the Nano’s clip slipped off a thin dri weave shirt collar. It held steady on a thicker, cotton shirt. The cord could be shortened enough to be clipped on the bill or back of a hat. I could also see the Nano being secured to a tied bandana or sweatband, rather than a pricier armband, or Nano watch band, depending on the comfort level of the user.



Value and Overview

The CordShrink retails for $12.99 for the two spools, again with free shipping on the CordShrink website. It is a bit expensive for a cord winder, but it is custom made for the Nano, made of quality materials and represents an elegant alternative to the pricey bluetooth headset option. It’s not cord free, but about as close as you can get, without the battery consumption and proximity issues.



The folks at Innovelis have provided a generous lot of BudFits, CordFits and CordShrinks for a giveaway. The 10 prizes are as follows:

  • Four individuals will win prize packages consisting of one set of BudFits and one CordShrink. 
  • Five individuals will win prize packages consisting of one set of BudFits and one CordFits (showing the love for iPod Nano 6th Gen owners!).
  • One individual will win a set of BudFits.

To enter, leave a comment below. Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification. Winners and their respective prizes will be randomly awarded. Open to residents of the contiguous 48 states (USA) only, please. Contest ends 11:59 PM PST, Monday, February 7, 2011. Winners will be notified by personal message. Failure to claim a prize within 14 days will result in forfeiture of prize.

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