Greenpois0n Coming Soon… Very Soon

So, looking forward to jailbreaking your iDevice on iOS 4.2.1?

Chronic Dev

Well, you may not have very long at all to wait, as p0sixninja has just tweeted:

ETA is as soon as I get it packaged and uploaded (macosx only for this first release, sorry)

So, you can gleam two bits of information from that tweet: first, the release should be soon… Like, any moment now. Second, it’ll be Mac only for the first release (it does sound like Windows support should be coming quickly as well).

It may be worth it to get your backups in, and your computer ready now!


Update: Here’s why the release schedule is being pushed so hard:

The exploit is already patched in 4.3 so were trying to get it out ASAP

Update 2: PC users, don’t fret: Mac OS X version is beta, and a Windows program will be coming out very soon after.

Windows version soon after (macosx version is beta) …more packaging, less talking

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