Accessory Review: iFrogz Silicone Wrapz for iPad

There is a wide variety of silicone cases available for the iPad. Nearly every accessory company offers their own variant of a silicone case, and many are almost identical. One of these silicone cases is the Silicone Wrapz by iFrogz, a Utah-based company that pride themselves on having the ambition to surpass the quality, style, and service offered by their competitors.

What’s Included

It’s already been established that the silicone case market is saturated, so it would have been nice to see iFrogz include some sort of accessory with this product. Even a screen protector or microfiber cloth, which are of minimal cost to produce, would have made all the difference. In fact, a screen protector is included with the iPhone and iPod touch versions of this case. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for iPad, as nothing is included alongside the Silicone Wrapz.


To be as clear as day, the Silicone Wrapz is made of 100% form-fitting silicone. If blue isn’t your style, you can also pick from the colors black, pink, red, or white.  All of the colors have a vibrant and youthful look. Black would be the best choice for professional use, but all the colors look great. The silicone has a special anti-dust treatment applied to it to prevent dust from settling on the case. After a few weeks of using this case, there has been some dust accumulation, but only a minuscule amount.

Although this case is thicker than most other silicone cases, it is still slim and very flexible. The thickness of the silicone helps to prevent it from tearing, especially around the corners of the screen. This is a problem that I have had in the past with cheaper silicone cases, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Silicone Wrapz. It is very easy to stretch, or pull back, the silicone and it quickly snaps back into place when released.

The back of the case has a wavy design with an imprint of the iFrogz logo. The case wraps around all four sides of the device and covers the bezel on the front. The front of the case is only flush with three sides of the screen. There is a gap on the fourth side to keep the ambient light sensor uncovered. This is a poor design feature because it makes the front of the case look uneven. A tiny hole over the sensor, like most other silicone cases have, would have sufficed.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack, microphone, dock connector, speakers, and mute button are left uncovered for ease of use. I used a pair of standard Apple headphones as well as a more expensive pair of JVC headphones and can confirm that the headphone jack is still accessible. On the other hand, the volume controls and sleep/wake button are covered in silicone. Thankfully, the silicone is less thick in these areas so that it doesn’t become more difficult to use these controls.

There is no interference with typing, playing games, or other onscreen functionality.

Score: ★★★½


The Silicone Wrapz is effective at preventing scratches, dents, and other wear and tear. The case covers the entire backside of the device as well as the bezel. The thickness of the silicone helps to prevent against scratches and dents while the reinforced corners protect against impact damage.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

The Silicone Wrapz retails for $29.99† on iFrogz’s website. It is also currently on sale for an additional 50% off, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worth it. There are simply too many alternatives out there, such as Speck’s PixelSkin, that offer more value at an equal or slightly higher price. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty affordable at the sale price of $14.99†, and is a case to consider.

Score: ★★★

Final Thoughts

The Silicone Wrapz doesn’t include anything with it and lacks any sort of flare that would make it stand out from other cases of its sort. However, it’s still a nice, vibrantly colored case that will protect your iPad from the elements of daily use. If you’re planning on buying this case, act quickly and take advantage of the current sale price.

Overall Score:

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