The Daily:Indexed Website Provides Links to Stories, No Subscription Required

Andy Baio from The Tumblr blog has generated his own index of stories from The Daily, the iPad-only newspaper publication launched just yesterday. The app itself does not contain an index of stories, but a table of contents of ten featured stories. The Daily:Indexed (“a very unofficial index”) was ostensibly created to fill this void. The website allows users to review all available stories and launch links to them. The links are not available through The Daily’s own website or search engine. In essence, readers without iPads, or those not wanting to pay for the content, can view it for free. However, it does not replace the iPad experience, as the iPad versions of the stories do not translate nicely to the web, with the interactive component of photos and images being stripped down.

It is a common feature for iPad or online magazine content to be available for sharing via email, Twitter, Facebook, et al. However, it is not common for all the links to be aggregated and posted on a dedicated website. In the end, the Daily’s website may see more traffic, which won’t necessarily be a bad thing. But with Apple taking a 30% cut, and readers doling out content for free, it may make publishers more leery of developing iPad-specific apps and content.


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