Underground Preview

underground09Underground developed by Kinelco and published by, who else, Chillingo, has been submitted for Apple review. For those who haven’t heard of Underground, it is basically a graffiti themed, 2D shoot em up, separated into levels by clips of a man observing stations on a subway train (hence the name “Underground”). While the gameplay isn’t all that special, the story and presentation are very intriguing … more after the jump.

As with a lot of Chillingo games recently, Underground is very simple to play. With one thumb, control the ship, and with the other, aim the ship’s projectiles. There is also an option for tilt; tilt to maneuver the ship and aim with your finger.


Levels take place on the side of the train, where a spray can morphs into your ship. Avoid graffiti on the train and shoot enemies, successful destructions cause enemies to explode into a graffiti tag. Enemies mostly drift in from the right side but may also surprise you from the left. Some enemies can shoot at you too, so some dodging is required. Powerups are dropped by enemies periodically, and range from better shooting patterns (that last for a short while) to extra lives.


The game play lacks a bit, not saying it’s bad, on the contrary, yet it’s nothing all too special. Although it has a very distinctive presentation in terms of the ship on the train and such, the storyline is where it really shines. As aforementioned, the story follows a man on a train. He seems to be travelling somewhere but feels something is wrong at the stations he stops at, and soon messages begin to appear on the window he’s looking through. Having not finished the game, I’m not sure what happens. Some of the cut scenes are great, such as the scene in first person perspective going into a dark tunnel which really raised the hairs on my arm.


If this appeal to you, be prepared to wait a few weeks as it wriggles its way through the review process. As usual, feel free to view the videos below in anticipation.

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