Interview With The Woz

Everybody loves Woz and his antics, and Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky sat down with the Apple co-founder for a rather hilarious interview, which covers everything from his current executive position at Fusion-io, to his European Championship Segway Polo team.

Although he claims that he has no inside information about Apple products, he mentions that the white iPhone (queue sighs) will be available soon, and speaks shortly about iOS versus Android, as well as the time when AT&T broke into his home — metaphorically, of course.

If you’re interested in tales of his past and current acts of defiance, including his numerous fake-IDs, skip ahead to the 35 minute mark for a shot of his perforated 2-dollar bill note pad and a story about his run-in with the Secret Service.

Topolsky: ”Are you going to get a Verizon iPhone when they are available?”

Woz: “Well, yes and no. I mean I’m not going to get one — I’m going to get two.”

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