Exclusive: Greenpois0n RC5 Surprise Revealed?

It isn’t enough to blow you straight off of this planet as you stick it to Apple by jailbreaking your device, but there are two features that this jailbreak will reportedly be sporting that hasn’t been seen in a while.

With all of the excitement surrounding the Greenpois0n RC5′s release, which is really any day now, there have been some mysterious tweets from prominent members of the team developing the jailbreak tool regarding some pretty special features.

A tipster, who goes by the name of Slurpeeking, has contacted me, stating that we would soon see verbose boot (video of it here on an older firmware), and custom boot logos (imagine an image on your device as it boots up) in the upcoming Greenpois0n release. So there you have it: Greenpois0n’s big release should add a new degree of customization.

So, what other information is there to go on, besides the solitary word of a tipster? Well, we do have a plethora of mysterious tweets from people who are known, or widely thought, to be working on the jailbreak tool, like pod2g and p0sixninja. I’ve included one such quote after the read link, though there may be plenty of jewels waiting to be discovered in their timeline.

So, the consensus? Maybe verbose boot, maybe custom boot logos, maybe both, or maybe something entirely different. But, at this time, I’m inclined to think that we’ve gotten a verbose boot and some boot logos headed our way!


@pod2g can we get verbose boot back with your exploit? :P

@ven000m if I answer to this, I give some intel.

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