Greenpois0n RC5 Release Imminent

According to a source of the most reliable variety, greenpois0n RC5 wil be released very soon. The tool will be able to jailbreak all devices on iOS 4.2.1, no strings attached (both literally and figuratively).

via @p0sixninja

@poisixninja it’s 0x5A% done now

Sorry, We’ve been “wasting” our time for research for 4.3 rather then development. Awesome things coming in RC5 though!!

0x5A is hexadecimal for 1011010 (or 90% for you laymen), so it is quite clear that the tool is on the brink of completion. Apparently something special is in the works for next release, but as usual, the crafty hackers publicly torment us with vague messages, so we’re not sure what exactly it is.

Man do we have something in store for you guys in the new GP :D

@Jaywalker9988 wasn’t kidding. The surprise for the newest Green Poison is sick! I love it!

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