App Review: Shadow Guardian

In Shadow Guardian, you play as Jason Call, the protagonist in the game. You begin the story tied up as Novik tries to figure out how you tracked him down with a computer that his lab team built for him. He will be using that computer to retrieve your memories from you. As each memory comes in, you actually play as the protagonist in that memory.

Shadow Guardian is a third-person, tactical-shooter and strategic-platformer all smashed into one unique game. It is often referred to as a clone of the PS3 game, Uncharted. This game has rich gameplay, breathtaking graphics, action-packed audio, offers lots for your money, and has some replay value.

Gameplay and Controls

Shadow Guardian features fast-paced gameplay that is not only action packed, but also throws some good puzzles at you to make you think. The game has a plethora of weapons that will allow you to wield the weapons you’re used to. The accuracy of the weapons is also accounted for in the game, making it just a little more realistic.

The gameplay consists of moving through, and solving, the puzzles. Besides puzzles Shadow Guardian also features tactical gun battles that are abundant throughout the game. The puzzles add a more challenging aspect to the game that makes you use your brain. You have to figure out how to move from place to place. The more you advance through the game, the harder and more complex these little puzzles get.

In between battles, you have to move from place to place with varying difficulty

The battle aspect of the game is fast-paced and exciting. The artificial intelligence seems a little stupid and not the brightest at times. They do get harder as you progress however. There is a covering system in the game so you can take cover behind ledges and barriers. This helps out when you are bombarded with an overflow of enemies.

The cover system allows you to avoid enemy fire

The controls of the game are well developed. Gameloft has improved upon its control scheme with every game that they have created. The game’s controls are simple and easy to understand. They also don’t take long to adapt to. The control scheme consists of:

  • Joy stick: it is used to move your character around. This is really self explanatory. Just about every game you see by Gameloft uses one of these. I’ve never really realized how you don’t even notice you are using a virtual joy stick.
  • Four buttons:
    • Fire and attack button: This button will allow you to do a melee attack to an enemy if they are near you. Otherwise, if you have a weapon equipped, it serves as the button used to fire your gun.
    • Zoom and aim button: This button will allow you to zoom in and take a more precise shot at your enemy. If you are in cover mode, you will become exposed to enemy attacks if you press this button. It makes shooting more precise and quick.
    • Action button: This button allows you to take cover, jump and do other miscellaneous actions. It changes depending on where you are. For example, if you are near a ledge, it’ll become the jump button.
    • Pickup and take button: This button allows you to pick up weapons that are laying around and use them. It can also be used to open things and take ammo as well. This button will only show up when it can be used.
  • Sliding: allows you to aim and look around at your surroundings.

The controls are simple and easy to use. They feel natural and don’t take long to get used to.

The control scheme with all buttons exposed

The gameplay and controls of the game are great and well deserving of 5 stars. However, even with this very stable game, you will still get crashes every so often. This doesn’t happen enough to take away from the gaming experience, but is still something that needs to be fixed in the game.

Gameplay and Controls: ★★★★½

Presentation and Graphics

The menus in Shadow Guardian were built nicely by Gameloft. It is difficult to miss the large buttons. Navigating through them is simple and quick. The menus are clear. The graphics behind the menus add a nice touch to them as a whole. The menu layout is very organized. Gameloft rarely makes horrible menus; this is no exception.

The menus in the game are nice and organized, like they should be

One word can describe the graphics in Shadow Guardian: breathtaking. The graphics are unbelievably detailed and look gorgeous. Gameloft uses intricate textures along with complex shapes and forms to make everything look as it should in the real world. The graphics are just crisp, clear and picture perfect. They may not be Infinity Blade graphics, but it does take it on a run for its money.

The graphics in Shadow Guardian look natural and picture perfect

Gameloft does a great job, again, on the graphics and menus in this game. Everything is detailed and looks amazing; definitely deserving of 5 stars.

Presentation and Graphics: ★★★★★


The audio in this game are great. Gameloft did a quality job on the game’s audio, and it shows. The background music (BGM) in the game is intense and really ramps up your heart rate while playing it. The BGM fits perfectly with this genre as it is exciting and keeps you on your toes.

The sound effects in the game are clear and abundant. You can hear every run, shot, jump, grunt, etc. Gameloft came up with a sound for just about every action. It is also a plus that each gun does have a different sound to it. It makes the game that much more realistic.

There are voice-overs in the game. They can seem a little over the top at times. The voice-overs aren’t the best as you can tell that they are acting, however, it doesn’t take away from the experience at all. It’s not enough to bring down the audio score as the voice-overs do exist and are clear and easy to understand.

Overall, the audio in the game is great, clear and exciting. It really compliments the gameplay very well, as should all audio. Gameloft comes to create near-perfect audio for this game earning it five stars in this category.

Audio: ★★★★★

Value For Money

The game is currently $5.99† in the App Store. This price is expected to go back up to $6.99†, so I will be basing the value off that price, and not its current price.

Even with the higher price of $6.99†, you still get lots for your money. For what Gameloft gives you, it is worth the money. For about seven dollars you get:

  • Picture-perfect graphics
  • Fun, action-packed gameplay
  • A well-built game overall

Although Gameloft does give you a lot in this game, they could have added more as this game really dies in replay value. They could have added something else to do to make it well worth the money. However, the game is still worth 7 dollars with what you get for it.

Value for the Money: ★★★★

Replay Value

As stated before, there is close to no replay value in this game. Once you beat it, it’s over. Even with this lacking replay value, you do get lots to do, it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

Gameloft offers you 2 difficulty levels to play the game at. That’s all the replay value you’re going to get from them. I didn’t see any achievements in this game; it would be nice to have some, just to squeeze a little more replay value out of this game.

The game isn’t addictive, but it is fun to play and is good for a nice five minute break. Being fun is probably the one thing that adds the most replay value.

Gameloft didn’t add much for you to do after you complete the game. No co-op modes, no online, no achievements. It really is the game’s Achilles heel.

Replay Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

Shadow Guardian is a great, action packed, fast paced, challenging and fun game. Not only do you shoot and kill enemies, it will also make you put on your thinking cap to get through the little puzzles that they added to the game. This makes the game just a tad bit more complex and time consuming. Although the replay value isn’t there, it is still a must-have game that is worth a try.

Overall Scores:

  • Gameplay and Controls: ★★★★½
  • Presentation and Graphics: ★★★★★
  • Audio: ★★★★★
  • Value for the Money: ★★★★
  • Replay Value: ★★★

Overall Score:

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