Accessory Review: FrappeDesign Executive Folio

FrappeDesign’s Executive Folio for iPad, launched in October 2010, is a combination of stylish design, protection, and functionality. The folio comes in packaging that is made of 100% recycled paper in partnership with Rabbit’s Tale. The same innovation that FrappeDesign has showed in their packaging is evident in their folio, and you’ll soon find out why.


FrappeDesign offers their folio in three different colors: The Executive (black expresso), The Lead (tanned orange), and The Innovator (metallic gray). The folio is made of faux leather that has a very soft, plush feel. Don’t let the faux leather deceive you: it’s still very nice. Like others of its kind, this folio has a regular flip-close design with the addition of a zipper. There is nice stitching along all of the exterior edges.

The Executive Folio offers good multipurpose functionality. There is an adjustable and removable stand, called the AlumiSTAND™, that offers a variable viewing angle of up to 30 degrees. The iPad rests on top of the stand, allowing you to use it in both portrait and landscape orientation. It also allows for both left or right-handed use thanks to an additional set of Velcro strips. At the same time, the Velcro is this folio’s biggest design flaw. The Velcro is just “there,” so to speak, and it takes away from the executive look that FrappeDesign boasts.

There is a pouch on the left of the folio to store your iPad. The pouch is backed with velvet for increased protection and has a leather strap to secure the iPad in place. On the right side of the folio are various pockets and slots for a notepad, business cards, paper, and envelopes. The notepad is good for up to size A5/B5; it is a tight fit for a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. There is also a clear slot for your ID as well as a pen holder.

Score: ★★★★


The Executive Folio is not designed to offer the same protection as a case, but it works nonetheless. The zipper design ensures that nothing inside of your folio, including the iPad, will fall out. You can carry the folio around with you or toss it into a bag without the worry of scratching or denting your iPad.

When are are not using the iPad, the interior pouch with a velvet lining will ensure that your iPad, and its screen, will be protected against scratches. However, this pouch is definitely designed to be used with a naked iPad. When you place an encased iPad into the pouch, it’s a tight squeeze. I wouldn’t trust using my naked iPad out in the open, so this is a downfall from a personal aspect.

The bulkiness of the folio provides extra protection against impact damage. I would assume that this folio would protect your iPad if you were to accidentally drop it from a reasonable height. I am not brave enough to test this out, and I don’t recommend that you try it at home either.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

While genuine leather folios can cost you upwards of $100 , this faux leather alternative is available on their website for a more reasonable price of $69 . FrappeDesign also offers international express shipping for a flat rate of $9.99. It took only three business days for the folio to be shipped from the manufacturer in Thailand to my doorstep in Canada.

Score: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

It is the little things that make this folio a good recommendation. FrappeDesign claims to have spent months developing this case, and I believe them. The attention to detail is very evident in most areas. If you’re a businessperson or student, this folio will cater to you most. My only recommendation to FrappeDesign is to either do away with the use of Velcro, or to integrate it in better fashion. With the next generation iPad just around the corner, we’ll see what they do. Nevertheless, it’s still worthy of my recommendation. “Go Green!”

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