App Soon-to-be-Released: VoiceActivator by chpwn

From the creator of such beloved apps as Infinidock, Infinifolders, Infiniboard, ProSwitcher and others comes a new tweak which offers more functionality for Voice Control. Currently Voice Control allows the user to make phone calls, play songs, albums or playlists by a specified artist. chpwn’s tweak broadens those functions to enable the user to create custom voice commands, including the abilities to launch apps, take screenshots and open URLs. No release date has been specified, but it will be available for jailbroken devices in the Cydia store soon.

Check out chpwn’s website, follow him on twittter (@chpwn), or read his blog for updates. You can also see the app in action in the YouTube video.

Thanks to Tkf1 for the tip!

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