Happy Birthday, iPad

It’s been one year since the iPad was announced. The device was shipped without any multitasking, and was received with heavy, heavy skepticism. Most analysts and tech journalists said that it would be a success, but not one that could compare to the iPhone or iPod.

Well, once it started shipping it was met with some pretty mixed reviews: some argued that it did less than a netbook, while others were very impressed with the overall experience and how much better it was than on an Atom netbook. Most analysts were still predicting low shipments. iOS 4 was announced just a few days later, and the iPad was slated to receive multitasking in 2010, but not until November.

Well, the iPad has been out for three full quarters, and it has already surpassed Mac sales. It has outperformed absolutely every estimate by the ‘professionals’ that call themselves analysts, and people who buy them are generally thrilled with the device.

I’d say that, for a first generation device, the iPad has not only blown off the doors for the tablet market (and is, as a consequence, going to be met with waves of competition), but has also proven itself to be a worthwhile replacement to a Windows netbook (or really any computer, if the needs are web browsing, some gaming, social networking, and emailing). With an Apple experience, at a price people can stomach, I can only see iPad sales skyrocketing in the future.

Here’s to a great first run, and to the hope that the second will be even better!

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