Verizon iPhone 4 Plans ‘Leaked’

So, a mix up has revealed what appears to be the final Verizon iPhone 4 plans.

Here they are:

  • Talk: 450 min/mo ($.45 ea over) $39.99/mo
  • Talk: 900 min/mo w/unlimited to 5 selected people (any network) ($.40 ea over) $59.99/mo
  • Talk: Unlimited $69.99/mo
  • Data: Unlimited iPhone $29.99/mo
  • Data: Unlimited iPhone + 2GB tethering and Hotspot 3G ($20/GB over) $49.99/mo
  • Messaging: Pay-per-use $.20/text $.25/video/pic
  • Messaging: 250 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $5/mo
  • Messaging: 500 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $10/mo
  • Messaging: Unlimited $20/mo

In other words, pretty much on par with AT&T’s plans, and every other smartphone on Big Red. Of course, the small charges really do add up, and this isn’t even counting the hotspot feature charge.


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