Yoko Ono says Beatles will be on iTunes. EMI say no.

John Lennon’s widowed wife, Yoko Ono yesterday announced on the UK news channel “Sky News” that the Beatles full Remastered back catalogue will be making an appearance on the Apple iTunes Store in the future. However, within minutes of this story being posted on the Sky News website, it was taken down.

EMI and Apple Corps, are saying now defending that The Beatles will NOT be on iTunes on 09/09/09 – But with the event in 7 hours time, we’ll soon see for ourselves! Today is being claimed as “Beatles Day” all over Twitter, with the release of the Remastered CD collection, The Beatles: Rock Band and with a swarm of television and radio shows dedicated to the Fab Four. Can we add Beatles + iTunes to the list? Let’s wait and see.

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