Apple Adds ASLR to iOS 4.3, Could Impede Future Jailbreak Progress

The Antid0te tool (that turned out to be vaporware) was going to use a technique called ASLR, or “address space layout randomization” to secure jailbroken devices from exploits post-jailbreak. Now, it appears that Apple has taken the initiative to implement ASLR on iOS 4.3. Since 4.3′s baked-in ASLR will be included on every future iOS device by default, it will make exploiting userland vulnerabilities more difficult, and could delay future jailbreaks (but certainly not squash them completely). It’s something to keep in mind when nagging the Dev-Team for an ETA (though, they don’t seem too worried).

via @p0sixninja

Looks like Apple added ASLR into iOS 4.3. This should make things more fun!!!

ASLR is Address Space Layout Randomization. It’s designed to make userland vulnerabilities more difficult to exploit
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