RTR: Recent Themes Release

Editor’s Note: This was originally published by Manic Nimrod, so be sure to stop by and thank him for all his work! Without further ado, here’s this weeks’ RTR!

Hello, welcome to another edition of RTR (Recent Theme Releases), Its only been a few weeks since the last, but with the holidays, the theme section has blown open and lots of releases have been posted.

For any new comers, RTR is a front page segment which showcases the latest springboard skin, music theme or any other graphic element change on the iOS eco-system which have been well received by the community. With the front page being a hive of activity for all things Apple, its a perfect opportunity to get your work showcased.

Lets get on with this RTR. Hit the read link to see what’s new with all the iFans themes designers!

Click the images to go to the their corresponding threads!

The recent releases:

Option HD – JackT09

This long-awaited theme is finally released! A stunning theme from a stunning designer.

Ripple Wi-Fi – Meh1

A tiny mod which makes the Wi-Fi bars beautiful.

Bubbly – Appman

A simple yet lovely theme for retina devices.

The recent WIP’s:

Pure – Rofl

A theme where the creator is slowing leaking out bits of the UI. “Absolutely amazing. Very pure indeed.”

Charm HD – sophieslover92

Nice, stylised theme for retina devices.

Zune HD Ultimate 2.0 – Appman

The Zune interface, on your iDevice. With Appman behind this project, you know its going to be great!

So ladies and gentlemen, thanks for reading and thanks for all the theme makers who can make RTR possible, hope to see you at the RTR within the near future.

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