Accessory Review: The id America Skyline Case for iPhone 4

iPhone owners who prefer a less-is-more approach, and a softer feel in a TPU case have a new alternative: the Skyline case from id America. Its design features, construction and included films offer significant advantages to the simple bumper knock-offs.

The Build

The Skyline Rigid-flex case is substantially thick and sturdy. As its name suggests, it is flexible and shock absorbent.  The product is made with “stiffened thermoplastic polyurethanes”, or TPU, to provide additional strength and durability. After using it for a few days, I grew more confident in its ability to protect my phone.

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Protection and Functionality

The pixelated skyline design on the back offers graphic interest, as well as a frictional element for better grip. Cutouts for the dock connector, camera, headphone and mute switches are ample (though perhaps not enough for the Verizon iPhone’s mute switch modification). The power and volume buttons are completely covered and protected, without interfering with their operation.



To further bolster the protection of the phone, id America includes two film protectors, one for the front and one for the rear. The films are touted as quad layer, including scratch-proof PET film. My review sample actually contained two front screens, so I tried the key test, over my Invisible Shield. Granted, I did not push with the force of a corporation who has money to purchase numerous phones for such a test. I wiped off the protector and in just the right light you could see some faint lines, but the IS and phone underneath were unmarred.

One further protective element  I always appreciate – the gasket edge protection, covering the space where the iPhone’s glass screen and rear casing meet. The Skyline Rigid-flex’s edge extends over this minute gap, also preventing the screen protector from rippling up on the edges.



The Skyline Rigid-flex retails for $24.99. Similar products such as the Switcheasy Colors case sells for $14.99 with additional pack-ins. The Skyline Rigid-flex case’s design elements and robust screen protectors are exceptionally good for a minimalist case, but it is hard to justify the difference in the price points.


The Skyline Rigid-flex is lightweight and minimal, yet sturdy and durable. An aesthetically pleasing design and thoughtful protective details are incorporated, and quality front and rear protective screens are included. However, it is a pricey alternative to its worthy competitors.

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