RepoInstant Brings ‘Teh Snappy’ Back to Jailbreaking

Forum member SlurpeeKing has brought some serious speed into the world of Cydia and package downloading with RepoInstant, which is a web portal that allows you to access every Cydia package currently available.

Update: The site has been updated with an iOS device-friendly interface!

RepoInstant allows you to browse and find new apps, wallpapers, and anything else that might be on Cydia in a faster web-based interface. The apps are separated into categories — similar to those on the App Store and Cydia — and a brief description is included next to the name of the specific app.

The website is still very much a work-in-progress, though, having only hit version 1.0 today. However, the pace of development seems fairly rapid, as it is up to version 1.1 as of this writing. The developer is taking user feedback, thoughts, and advice in the this thread in order to continue to improve the usability, look, and speed of the portal. He also mentions that a search feature is a possibility, though it seems that he is more concerned with getting the basics up and running.

You can visit RepoInstant by clicking on the source link below, and be sure to stop by the comments thread and give some feedback!


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