App Releases: eHow, Tivo and… Owl Pellet Activities (HD!)

Browsing through my favorite app browser, I came across some nifty releases for the curious, the organized and the, shall we say, investigative.

eHow is a universal app version of the popular knowledge website.  It has featured articles, or a database which to search for how-to instructions on numerous subjects. Examples of the featured articles include how to make iPhone ringtones or improve Netflix streaming. Catagories for instructional tidbits include food, home, family, health, money, and style. The information can be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter. The app is free and runs on all iOS devices running 3.1 or later.  It is rated 12+ as the app does have content reserved for older readers.

TiVo is a remote control app designed to work with the TiVo Premier box. It allows the user to browse and schedule recordings up to 14 days in advance, as well as manage Season Pass recordings. The remote function enables the user to initiate playback from the iPad, although not on the iPad itself. In conjunction with the TiVo box,viewers can search for relevant content and share via Facebook or Twitter. The iPad-only app is free.

Read on for screenshots and for the ewww-inspiring description of Owl Pellet Activities HD.

Owl Pellet Activities HD (not to be confused with Owl Pellet Activities, or Owl Pellet Activities Lite) is a warehouse of knowledge for dissecting the coughed-up remnants of an owl’s lunch. The app is distributed by Carolina Biological Supply, a scientific supply store, with an affinity for owl pellets, as they haven’t released any other apps (yet) for other biological studies. Within the app, budding ornithologists can use the database to identify bones, read owl history, watch videos, and yes, order owl pellets for study. The app was created for the iPad running iOS 3.2 or later.  It costs $2.99.

Or, check out the no fewer than 10 articles on owl pellets within the eHow app, including how to bake or sterilize owl pellets. The first step, as one might expect: put on rubber gloves. 


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