Accessory Review: Innovelis BudFits

Music lovers spend countless hours and dollars to replace the stock Apple earbuds that came with their devices.  Some replace the buds because they prefer more bass, better noise isolation or a better fit for which an in-ear style may be better suited.  For most, they do provide decent sound quality.  Personally, I currently have four pairs of $30 Apple earbuds sitting in a  drawer going unused. The reason? They just don’t stay in my ears. They barely hang on the edge of my ear canal and fall out repeatedly. I have tried a few products to solve the problem, such as Yurbuds and Acoustibuds, with less than successful results.  In the interest of not letting such an expensive and fairly competent accessory left unutilized, I once again have tried another solution, the Innovelis BudFits.

Read on for my review.

Build and Design

The BudFits are designed specifically for the Apple earbuds, so knockoffs bought on eBay or other outlets may not fit. They are made of a semi-rigid plastic with a channel for snapping the earbud into place and stringing the cord through. The buds fit securely in the channel and have not slipped out during my trial. I had the clear plastic model, but other colors include white, black, blue, pink, purple, orange and green. The earbuds are easily removed for standard usage.


I have an average ear and the BudFits fit well.  Wrapping them around the ear is a simple maneuver with a little adjustment to properly direct the bud into the ear canal. The plastic is rigid, but flexible enough for minimal adjustment.  I developed a bit of pain from the pressure of the wrap against my skull behind my ear. I twisted the BudFit to adjust it and the pressure and pain were relieved.


The BudFits are very comfortable.  They are lightweight, adding little bulk to the buds themselves. I barely knew they were there. They held the buds securely in place as I ran, performed household chores and completed errands.  An occassional yank from the cord getting caught on a doorknob or drawer pull did not budge them.


BudFits cost $8.99 USD.  Pairs of combined colors (one pair of clear and one pair of white, for example) retail for $12.99 USD. Buds purchased through the BudFits’ website are processed through Google Checkout.  The BudFits are cheaper than comparable products, such as Yurbuds, which cost $19.99 just for the earbud attachments. They are made of quality material and represent a good value for those seeking to improve the fit of their pricey Apple earbuds, while not shelling out an exorbitant amount for complete earbud replacements.


BudFits are advertised to be secure, comfortable and removable, and they fulfill each claim admirably. They are a simple, well-constructed solution for the poor fit of the stock Apple earbuds, restoring the functionality to the earbuds at a reasonable price.  They don’t solve the problem of the cord getting in the way, tangled or caught on obstructions (Innovelis offers a solution to these issues with their CordFits and CordShrink products) but they do keep the earbuds comfortably and securely in the ear.

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