App Release: Radial Typing for Those Who Are All Thumbs

Radial Typing presents an interesting concept for the iPad. The standard QWERTY keyboard is split in half and positioned in two semi-circles at the corners of the iPad screen. This enables the user to type with his or her thumbs, instead of placing the iPad on a stable surface at just the right angle for typing. 

It doesn’t take too long to get used to and the keys are fairly comfortably positioned. The problem is the implementation and availability. The keyboard is available only in the app. If the user wants to type and keep the info, it has to be copied and pasted, say into the Notes app. The app will access the the system Mail app. After pressing “Compose Mail,” an email draft appears with the pre-typed message in the email body. However, when it comes time to type the address or subject line, the standard system keyboard appears.

Auto-correct is available, but other keystrokes fall short. For example, if one wants to delete several characters, the backspace/delete key must be used repeatedly for each errant charcter instead of just held down.

The app is free for a limited time as they prepare for a “major update.” The app runs on the iPad with iOS 3.2 or later.

Check after the break for screenshots.


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