Accessory Announcement: Book Saver Digitizes Your Favorite Reads

Have a favorite book, textbook or manual you’d like to take with you on your iDevice, but it’s not available in digital format?  The Book Saver may be the solution.  Created by Ion, the Book Saver cradles a book in an open position.  Two cameras take a picture of each page, saving the images directly to an SD card.  The file format was not disclosed, although David Pogue’s original tweet about the Book Saver suggests PDF.  A flash illuminates the page and the process takes only one second per two pages.  The device has not been released so there is no pricing information.

It is hard to tell whether it would really be faster than using a flat scanner, as the device has to be lifted to turn a page.  It may be worth it for smaller publications or single chapters at a time.

[Ion] [Pogue Tweet]

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