iPad 2 Screen Shows Up Online

GlobalDirectParts.com (the folks behind the CDMA iPhone 4 antenna band leak that proved to be spot on) now have something else up their online arsenal: an OEM iPad 2 screen.

SO, either the KIRF manufacturer’s are really upping their game, or Apple’s slipped up again.

Currently ‘out of stock,’ the screen goes for $218.19. The pictures show a screen; no glimpses of a bezel with a camera hole or a missing Homescreen button here. There is also no mention of resolutionSo, void of any significant information, the only thing this component points to is that the iPad 2 may soon be announced and released. If it is ever in stock, it could be possible to buy one (assuming this is the real deal) and find out just how high that resolution really is.

Judging from the size (see our comparison) it does appear that Apple will keep the same size LCD going ahead.


Thanks for the tip, Saphiresurf!

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