iPad Rumors: 2048×1536 ‘Retina’ Display, SKU Dummy Models Show up at BestBuy.com

It may be Saturday, but iPad rumors don’t have a schedule: MacRumors dug into the updated iBooks app, and found images that support a resolution that isn’t on any current Apple device. Meanwhile, some dummy SKU models have shown up on Best Buy’s website. Though the models do not give any indication of what the new iPad will look like, will be powered by, or have in way of new features, it does suggest that the release date may be fairly soon.

The new resolution found in the updated iBooks app is exactly twice that of the current iPad, which (if the screen size stays the same) will weigh in at 260 PPI (pixels per inch). While not exactly a ‘Retina Display’ in the way that the iPhone 4′s screen is, it definitely is no slacker. Also, since the term ‘Retina Display’ takes into account a number of factors — most importantly here is the distance that you hold the device from your eyes — Apple could theoretically brand this new resolution as a ‘Retina Display.’ The new screen resolution would definitely be a big selling point, and one that current tablets like Motorola’s Xoom wouldn’t be able to match, at least with current hardware specs.

Next up are the three new models of the iPad that have just shown up in Best Buy’s database. What could this mean? Anything really; human error, glitch, prank, or (probably the least likely) it could signify that a new iPad is coming sooner, rather than later. The listing shows nothing, details nothing, and is basically void of any info, besides the fact that it has SKUs for an iPad that doesn’t (officially) exist.

So, if the frequency of rumors tend to signify the coming release of a product, we must be getting close. Of course, the fact that Apple tends to release products on yearly cycles helps, too.

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