iOS 4.3 Beta Supports More Powerful Graphics Chips

iOS 4.3 beta 1 has support for significantly more powerful graphics chips, which are likely to be included in future iterations of iDevices.

MacRumors summarizes it best:

The SGX543 is said to deliver performance of 35 million polygons per second and a filtrate of 1 billion pixels per second when running at 200 MHz, compared to 28 million polygons per second and a filtrate of 500 million pixels for the SGX535 running at the same clock speed. In addition, the SGX543 offers support for the Apple-backed OpenCL specification that allows applications to harness untapped potential of both CPUs and GPUs for processing purposes. Finally, the SGX543 support multi-core configurations allowing for even greater performance.

This should make for a very powerful, potentially dual-core, Apple A5 SoC. It’s looking likely that we’ll see an iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS-type bump in the graphics and processing departments of the next iPhone, and probably even the iPad.

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