CameraButtons Adds Shutter Functionality and Toggles for the iPhone

The more Apple tightens its fist for control of the iPhone’s volume buttons, the more developers slip through its fingers.  First Camera+ released their app which utilized the buttons as camera shutter buttons.  Apple pulled the app.  It made a triumphant return sans the button mapping.  Quick Snap also attempted to add the functionality, only to be promptly pulled from the App Store.

Intrepid devs have released several apps to bring the button functionality to jailbroken users.  Each of the apps is accessed through the Settings menu.

SnapTap, currently 99 cents, allows users  to take pictures or video using the volume button as a shutter on the device or through wired headphones.  Older phones may require the use of Cycorder.  The app also allows the shutter sound to be muted.

MyCamera loads the camera app and takes photos or videos with any Activator method.

CameraButtons, also 99 cents, is the most recent release for adding functionality to the volume buttons.  It also allows for the on/off toggling of the flash, toggling of HDR mode, and toggling between the front and back cameras.  It is the only app of the three to allow the user to open the camera app directly from the lockscreen.

Developers eager to map the buttons for other functions can get a head start by downloading the SDK supplied by Canopy.  The kit has been made available in conjunction with their future release of their Kapok case in hopes developers could find other non-photography uses for the case, including gaming.  The Kapok case has tripod mounts and a 30 pin connector that communicates instructions to the buttons.  They will also be releasing an accompanying free photo app. 

See screenshots of SnapTap, MyCamera and CameraButtons after the jump.


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