Skype Acquires Qik

Skype has bought out one of their leading competitors, Qik. Known for their video recording application that comes stock on many Android devices, Qik offers 2-way video calling as well as a stream-to-web feature, so anyone with the URL to your account can watch a live video feed from within their browser. The videos can also be saved directly to your Qik account on the fly, so if your parachute fails to deploy while skydiving, the video of your last moments will still be accessible—despite the fact that your phone has turned to rubble.

I’m happy to confirm that we’ve completed the acquisition of Qik. The transfer of shares and funds between the shareholders of Qik and Skype was completed today and Qik is now under the ownership of Skype. We’re very excited about this move, and look forward to working together with the Qik team to make our mobile video products even better.

While Skype functions primarily as a video chat service, Qik is first and foremost a video capturing application, so the unification of the two companies should lead to some great new additions to the mobile Skype app.


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