Crytek Sets Gaming Jokes Back Another 3 Years

Crytek should have known better than to open this can of worms. The video game studio responsible for developing one of the most realistic games on the market, Crysis, recently posted a job opening seeking iPhone/iPad developers. The App Store is no stranger to industry leaders, but the Crytek team could push Apple’s mobile devices even closer to their limits.


  • Owns the development of one or more iPhone/iPad applications, from specification through design, coding, debugging, and deployment.


  • Strong iOS (especially iPhone/iPad) development experience.
  • At least one app in the app store (includes apps developed in a team).
  • Long-term experience in Objective-C.

We know that the iPhone has the ability to play graphically stunning games like Infinity Blade, but, sigh… can it run Crysis?

[Pocket Gamer]

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