GeoHot Interview on Attack of the Show

George Hotz, a.k.a. GeoHot, has recently been sued by Sony for jailbreaking the PS3. As most of you know, GeoHot is responsible for discovering and implementing many of the past and present iOS jailbreaks, including blackra1n and limera1n. Earlier today, he appeared on G4′s Attack of the Show to discuss his current predicament, and while the interview is focused around the PlayStation, much of it applies to electronic devices in general, and it’s definitely interesting to see one of the most prominent jailbreakers on mainstream television.

While jailbreaking iOS devices has been declared legal by the DMCA (which could prove to be a vital precedent for his Sony case), the aftermath of GeoHot’s current bind may have legal implications for hacking other gadgets in the future. While Mr. Hotz is not highly regarded in the iOS community for his childish antics, we can’t afford to lose him to the corporate giant that is Sony.


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