Hey You Guyyyys! PBS Has An App for That

Watchers of such PBS shows as Nova and Antiques Roadshow can now watch their favorite shows on their iPhones.  This week PBS launched an iPhone version of their popular iPad app released last October.  The app gives access to 300 video clips, including full-length episodes of their primetime shows such as Frontline, History Detectives, Nature and others.  Music clips from Austin City Limits are also now part of the package.  Viewers can see their local listings, create calendar reminders, and share clips via Facebook and Twitter.  The app runs on iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads (of course the native app displays better) running 3.0 or later.

While downloading the app in the iTunes Store, check out some of the other PBS apps available.  Also released for the iPhone and iPad this week was an Antiques Roadshow game, where players buy items and hope they found a treasure.  The app is $2.99 and requires  an iOS device running 3.0 or later.

PBS fans with kids, and/or those old enough to remember when Morgan Freeman was a cast player on The Electric Company, may be interested to know that PBS offers over a dozen kid-oriented games related to their popular shows including Super Why!, Dinosaur Train, Mister Rogers, and several WordWorld e-books.

Check after the break for screenshots of the PBS app and Antiques Roadshow game.


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