Doodle Sketch Games Being Targeted by Lima Sky

Lima Sky, the creators of the adorable Doodle Jump, are claiming that they have a trademark on the word “doodle” (in the context of computer games), and have asked developers of various doodle games to change the name of their applications. It’s a rather uncool—and frivolous—move that will only hurt their reputation.

The creator of Doodle Hockey has pointed out that, according to Trademark Office records, Lima Sky only owns the trademark to the words “Doodle Jump” together (again, in the context of computer games), and not the word “doodle” on its own.

There doesn’t seem to be a legitimate reason for their sudden doodle-cide, and they certainly don’t have any legal platform to jump stand on. Doodle Jump popularized the hand-drawn art style, but it was not the first game of its kind. Due to the nature of the App Store, Apple has the right to remove any application at their own discretion, so many of the “little guys” have folded to avoid confrontation. There are hundreds of doodle games in the App Store, and many are taking a stand against this ridiculous claim.

Lima Sky hasn’t yet issued a formal statement, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see an apology within the next few days.

[Touch Arcade via 148Apps] Thanks ChrisL!

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