Verizon CDMA iPhone Deal Not Exclusive

The newly announced Verizon CDMA iPhone is not exclusive to Big Red, which means that we could see it coming to various CDMA carriers worldwide — yes, that means that Sprint could join in on the fun.

During the Q&A section after the main event was over, Tim Cook, COO of Apple, did say that the Verizon CDMA iPhone deal was non-exclusive:

Q: Is the CDMA iPhone exclusive to Verizon?

Tim: It’s a multi-year, non exclusive deal.

This does seem to leave the door open for other CDMA networks to hop on the Apple express. While CDMA isn’t as popular worldwide as it is in the United States, there are large CDMA networks across Asia and other Pacific Islands. Of course, there is one other large CDMA carrier in the U.S.: Sprint. What Sprint (who is very tied up in the Android rope) plans to do now that a version of the iPhone that is compatible with their network exists is still very unclear, though it is hard to believe that Dan Hesse didn’t call up Steve Jobs today for a nice, long ‘talk.’

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