Verizon’s iPhone Offers Personal Hotspot; MyWi May Be a Better Option

Today’s Verizon iPhone 4 announcement included the ability to turn the phone into a Wifi hotspot for 5 devices.  The setting is part of the phone’s iOS 4.2.5, and is expected to be $20 in addition to the $30 unlimited data plan.  AT&T charges $45 per month.  The total includes $25 for 2 GB data and $20 for the tethering option.  Tethering is not available for unlimited data plan contracts.  iPad 3G users do not have a tethering option to share its 3G connection.  iPad users cannot tether to their iPhone’s either, as the bluetooth profile is not available.  Neither AT&T or Verizon offers ad hoc connectivity.

If you are jailbroken, MyWi may still be a better option, and perhaps your only option for tethering for the iPad or older iPhones.  The Intelliborn app, available for $19.99 in the Cydia store, allows for bluetooth, USB and Wifi tethering.  It was recently updated with new features such as battery saving settings, controlling the signal strength for tethering, and user monitoring in real time.  According to Intelliborn’s CEO, MyWi will be even easier to use in the near future, with an announcement expected next week.

Check the TechCrunch link for more screenshots of the Personal Hotspot.  TUAW has a complete interview with Intelliborn’s CEO.  Check after the jump to see MyWi screenshots.

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