Super Shock Football Preview

Well-known iPhone game publisher Chillingo is in the process of churning out another game, this time developed by Steamroller Studios. We got our hands on a copy of the game, Super Shock Football. As the name suggests, it’s a football game, but very different from ones you may have previously played. Retro-themed, it exhibits charming and unique graphics complete with similarly retro audio. Set in a top-down view, prepare to strategize for the win.

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Unlike other sports games for the iPhone, Super Shock Football is heavily dependent on the player’s strategic skills. The game is played from more of a coach perspective as opposed to the usual team control. You can set up the players however you want and control of the kick-off is also yours. Once the kick goes off though, players move automatically and the only control you are granted is passing (if you are currently in possession of the ball). This lack of ability to position your team while they are moving about forces you to be cautious in setting up, and creating a strategy. If you’re not the strategic type, no worries, as the game also lets you pick from preset plays. Depending on whether you are on defense or offence, corresponding strategies are available to you.


All the view actions done on the iPhone can be utilized here. Pinch to zoom out or in and drag the screen around with one finger to see the field.

While the concept is intriguing, the AI aren’t the smartest around. Often running around in circles or entirely the wrong way, few touchdowns are met and even fewer tackles are made. Bad AI isn’t a gamebreaker fortunately, as Super Shock Football boasts a two player mode playable on the same device. You and a friend can both duke it out and strategize on a single iPhone.


In case you want to get more competitive than that, the game fully supports Open Feint which imports your settings if you’ve already set it up in another game. Yes, this means that Super Shock Football has achievements, everyone loves a bit of competition right?


While the game has been submitted, we can expect a two week wait period before it is approved. In the meantime, check out the trailer and a gameplay video.

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