Applidium on VLC Removal from the App Store

Applidium, the company responsible for porting and publishing VLC to the App Store, has issued a stament regarding VLC’s recent removal. The removal seems to have been sparked by a complaint by Rémi Denis-Courmont, but a recent blog post by Rémi suggests that this may not be the case:

All in all, we will probably never know the truth. But I am inclined to believe what Eben Mogel, from the Software Freedom Law Center, foretold me 2 months ago: Apple would remove VLC simply because it cannot stand software distributed under the GPL on its stores

Regardless of the real reasons, Applidium is working with Apple to get the player back in the App Store.

Translated from French:

To our surprise, we received an email on Friday from Apple: “We regret that you are able to amicably resolve the dispute regarding your application ‘ VLC Media Player ‘. We have withdrawn your application from the App Store. For questions about this, please contact Rémi Denis-Courmont directly. “

This letter was in response to this: “On 20 October 2010, we received a notification by Rémi Denis-Courmont who believes that your application ‘ VLC Media Player ‘violates its intellectual property. In particular, Rémi Denis-Courmont believes you are violating its copyright. “

The complaint by Rémi Denis-Courmont surprised us, since we received the agreement of association to carry VideoLAN VLC on iOS. Some association members have also helped to make this port.

Needless to say, we still believe that the license of the AppStore is not incompatible with the GPLv2 license to VLC . Accordingly, together with VideoLAN, we do our best to ensure that this is not the end of VLC / iOS.

In conclusion, we find it a shame to prevent millions of users to enjoy an open source application … in the name of “free” software.


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